Do’s and Don’ts of Acupuncture Treatment

Success with acupuncture therapy is not a forgone conclusion. Below are the things that I advise my acupuncture patients to DO or to NOT DO in order to maximize the benefits of acupuncture treatment.


•Have a little something in your stomach during the treatment

•Let the acupuncturist know if you’ve had alcohol, tobacco or caffeine (as these substances change your diagnostic signs)

•Wear loose-fitting clothing whenever possible

•Arrive 15 minutes early for your appointment and avoid rushing

•Urinate before your appointment and before you get into the treatment room

•Be prepared to fill out paperwork

•Be prepared to be in the clinic for at least 1 hour, with you on the table for a minimum of 30 minutes of needle retention time

•Try to relax as much as possible during the treatment

•Turn off your cell phone during the treatment

•Quit smoking cigarettes as they are working against your ability to heal

•Call with 24-hours notice of cancellation or schedule change

•Think of realistic goals to set for the course of acupuncture (I would consider 50% improvement in pain/symptom level and/or 50% improvement in function level to be “realistic” for a course of 6-10 treatments)

•Pay close attention to:

-If and/or how your pain/symptom has changed (decreased or increased)

-How long your pain/symptom changed

-Whether the pain has moved, changed in quality or frequency

-Whether you got no change, slight, medium, good or great relief or increased pain


•Expect to multitask during your treatment

•Move body parts with needles in them

•Come in with an empty stomach or immediately after a large meal

•Over-exert yourself (physically, mentally or emotionally) after the treatment

•Consume alcohol (or other toxic substances) on the day of your treatment

•Make movements, take actions or engage in activities that will exacerbate your pain during the entire course of treatment

•Swim or bathe for 1 hour following the acupuncture treatment

Many of these suggestions are designed to preserve your safety during and after an acupuncture treatment. An example would be swimming or bathing after acupuncture. Why not take a dip in a public pool within one hour of your treatment? We just put a bunch of microscopic holes in your skin! We are trying to prevent an infection from occurring.

Some suggestions allow the practitioner to come to an accurate diagnosis. If you drink a cup of coffee just before an acupuncture treatment, it will likely stain your tongue and tongue coat a different color than it would be otherwise. This could potentially throw off the acupuncturist’s diagnosis. It most certainly will increase your heart rate. Because we rely on tongue and pulse diagnosis techniques it should be clear why we would want you to avoid it just before your treatment. Additionally, caffeine increases cortisol firing and could increase the pain you feel from needle insertion.

How to Get the Best Acupuncture Treatment

Most people carry out extensive research before they choose an acupuncture specialist to treat them. They focus on things like recommendations, experience and certification. These are extremely important factors, but there are also other things, which you need to look for and which will help you get the best results from your treatment. Find out what these are.

Choose a service at a convenient location.

In order for the acupuncture treatment to produce satisfactory results, the typical period required is 3 weeks. For some conditions, like depression or smoking cessation, the treatment can last for over 3 months. Given all this, it makes sense to choose a specialist whose office you can reach easily and quickly after work. That way, you will always be on time for your appointments and you will be sufficiently relaxed. These things will certainly help you make the most out of the treatment.

Make sure you feel good about the facility.

With acupuncture, important nerve centres in your body are stimulated. If you are fully relaxed during the treatment, you will enjoy maximum stimulation and the maximum possible benefit from the treatment. That is why you need to feel at ease in the treatment facility. It would be best if you can literally feel at home. You should pay a visit to the facility in advance to see how you feel. You should expect to find excellent hygiene, relaxed environment, comfortable changing rooms and friendly staff.

Establish a personal relationship with your acupuncturist.

Since the treatment is ongoing and you need to feel perfectly relaxed to get the best results, you will benefit greatly from establishing a relationship with the therapist. That way, you will feel more comfortable about discussing your condition and your concerns and about asking questions as well. You can get more individual treatment advice as well.

Coordinate acupuncture with other treatments.

This therapy is not known to have any side effects or to interfere with any other treatments or medications. Still, you will only benefit from informing your medical doctor about this therapy and your therapist about the other treatments. That way, they will be able to coordinate their strategies and work towards a common goal. This is extremely important when it comes to serious conditions, those requiring complex treatments and those affecting the skin.

Use these tips to make the most out of your acupuncture treatment. You should try to be patient and to stay relaxed to get the results which you want.

Discover The Magic Of An Acupuncture Treatment

An acupuncture treatment can help eliminate a person's ailments, whether they are physical or mental. The holistic practice has been used for several centuries in ancient Chinese medicine. Although some people are turned off by the needles, the needles are very small and cause no pain. An acupuncture treatment can leave a person feeling rejuvenated while promoting a healthy body.

The theory behind acupuncture is similar to that of popular Western medicine. Acupuncture focuses on the blood flow throughout the body. Acupuncturists rely on the belief that the blood vessels or what are often referred to as channels or meridians, are responsible for circulating vital energy throughout the body. The tiny needles used in acupuncture treatment are designed to open up the channels and allow the vital energy to flow freely. Acupuncture is believed to help keep a person's spiritual, physical and mental well being in perfect harmony.

Acupuncturists are specially trained to understand where the needles need to be placed in order to encourage the natural energy flow. Acupuncture treatments are used to cure muscle aches and pains, infertility and even some serious illnesses. The freely moving energy is believed to reduce stress and anxiety that tend to affect a person's physical and mental health. Many people seek out acupuncture to help relieve chronic pain associated with several diseases, including fibromyalgia.

Scientists and other medical experts are unable to explain exactly why acupuncture works, but most agree that it is very helpful and highly effective. Most experts believe the needles stimulate the body to produce endorphins. Endorphins are the body's natural ability to manage pain. Others believe the needles react with the electrical currents running through the body.

Thousands of acupuncture users are thrilled with the results and will often go to an acupuncturist first before a traditional doctor. The practice is gaining in popularity, and many health insurance plans cover the cost of acupuncture treatment. Acupuncture cures are less expensive than most prescription medicines and do not carry the risk of the harmful side effects. The treatments are relatively short, taking about 30 minutes for each session. It is important a person only visits a licensed and professionally trained acupuncturist.